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Welcome to the CX Embassy.

We are the embassy of talent for The Cyber Hunter Embassy and The Aesthetics Embassy.

Two niche Executive Search Agencies, forming an embassy of strategic talent sourcing excellence.

Our team are highly skilled in Executive Search, Sourcing and Talent Hunters based in Australia.​

We follow an agile and customised approach to understand the best talent for your business.​

Talent mapping based on real data is at the core of our process, ensuring that we align Talent, Role, Skills, and Team to achieve perfect synergy.​

Trust in our persuasive, data-centric approach to executive search, backed by a track record of successful placements.


Experience the CX Embassy advantage today and unlock the potential for exceptional Talent Sourcing



My expertise lies in finding those hard-to-find talents—the more complex the challenge, the more I thrive. Talent sourcing is an art, and I bring the magic to the table.

With over 20 years of experience in Executive Search, Talent Acquisition and Recruitment working for Fortune 500 and Agency, I have a competitive spirit that fuels me.


From recruiting and sourcing to hunting for the most elusive talent, I have successfully handled roles at every level, from C-Suite to junior.   Entrepreneurship is in my DNA. With nearly two decades of experience in agency and talent acquisition, I have recruited for positions at every level, leaving no stone unturned.

My experience at Galderma and passion for health, biohacking and life sciences inspired The Aesthetics Embassy.   

My curiosity in Social Engineering and my experience with digital theft reignited my interest in Cybersecurity Executive Search.

I am immensely proud to oversee both The Aesthetics Embassy and The Cyber Hunters Embassy.  I connect elite, elusive Talent with the most sought-after clients across both Aesthetics and Cybersecurity niche.

The Aesthetics Embassy


The Aesthetics Embassy is innovating the world of Aesthetics Talent Engagement. 

We customise our approach to each brief, ensuring candidate | role | career | company | culture alignment. 

We are a small, yet highly skilled team of Talent Acquisition Executives, Recruiters and Senior Sourcers. Our expertise is Talent Sourcing and Recruitment for Aesthetics Clinical, Sales and Marketing, from Graduate to Senior Management.

We partner with Clients to customise our Sourcing Strategy to their needs. 

We partner with Candidates to assist with their preparation throughout their interview process.

Our focus is alignment - candidate | role | company | culture. 

The Aesthetics Embassy, where career dreams are delivered. 

The Cyber Hunters Embassy is a niche Executive Search| Talent Sourcing agency collaborating with Cybersecurity start-ups and Fortune 500 companies in Australia.


We excel in sourcing skilled Sales Executives with technical aptitude, exceptional communication and leadership abilities, and strong sales skills in Cloud, Saas, Data Integrity, and Tech.


With our industry experience, expertise, and extensive network, we connect you with the perfect candidate for long-term success.


Our knowledge aids companies in securing top talent for a competitive advantage in today's fast-paced tech market.


Trust us to be an integral part of your company, helping you build a high-performing Sales and Technical Team that drives growth and ensures success.

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